Academic globalisation

Since my research field in robotics is yet not very much on par the commercial ranks of certain areas of robotics which have fundamentally changed manufacturing and automation; I have had the privilege to work at universities with varying ranks. One common question I would get all the time is why I am working at a XYZ lab after working at a ABC lab. I am still searching for an answer and I feel that the  research climate is under a turbulence around the world. Academic globalisation is into overdrive possibly in any top modern university. Academics are collaborating with ever more foreign colleagues and industrial partners. Whereas my choice of  research is greatly influenced by the fact that robotics has always been industry driven and into developing real world applications; I am quite curious about the research performance of labs in this climate. I am intrigued by terms like "Impact Factor", "h-index", "g-index" etc etc. This would be different from the learning indicators of most universities which their ranks usually define and what most people are looking for. Watch out this space for various articles I find out.