Doctoral Research

My doctorate research is a journey towards developing effective programming tools, visual environments and software design for personal service robots. Right from the concept to production, with emphasis on the methodology chosen to bring a "high-tech" product to the end user by validating the research in a real world problem scenario. The broad outline of the problem has a deep social and economical context behind it which makes the approach I take even more interesting to justify. The research questions are pretty simple. Can an engaging mobile service robot enable older people better long term care; and if so what tools do they need to achieve the necessary goals for maintaining wellness?  My research aims at using robots as a scientific tool to develop concepts in end user programming applied to a specific domain; i.e healthcare. By analyzing the requirements in complicated healthcare workflows; I want to make an original contribution on how end users in a healthcare setting would like to use engaging mobile service robots and program the behavior of the robot themselves rather than depending on a IT software vendor or a robot system designer to perform that task for them. The research areas of interest are: